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When giving online, it can often be unclear where funds are actually going.
I aim to keep giving transparent, making it easy for you to make a difference!

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Family, friends, and total strangers have often asked how they can support specific projects I discover on my journey. I’ve created this site so you can join in my adventures and be a blessing in areas with the greatest impact.

Stephen sharing Good News with a local Imam (Muslim community leader)

I am currently in Africa, and there is great need here. I am witness to the sowing of seeds for an amazing move of God unlike anything we’ve ever seen on this continent. You can be a part of that move!

Here are three areas where you can be an immediate blessing:

  • MUSIC - Did you know that The Gambia is the place in Africa where the slave trade was first abolished?! What better place to launch songs of FREEDOM to shift the nations! Learn more here.

  • AGRICULTURE & EDUCATION - One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from serving tea in Black Rock Desert is that one must use words that work to effectively deliver any mission-driven message. For example, in a land hostile to the Gospel, I don’t define myself as a missionary. Rather, I focus on two sectors “agriculture and education”. Agriculture because I’m planting seeds and Education because everyone needs truth. Join me on mission.

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