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When giving to ministries, it can often be unclear where funds are actually going.
I aim to keep giving transparent, making it easy for you to make a difference!

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Friends, family and total strangers have often asked how they can support specific projects I discover on my journey. I’ve created this site so you can join in my adventures and be a blessing in areas with the greatest impact.

Stephen sharing Good News with a local Imam (Muslim community leader)

Read below to know exactly what you are supporting and how funds are being used. Note, you can give as little as $10 to any of the projects and be a part of the blessing! Each project will turn into a complete blog post with lots of details after projects are fully funded (see first testimony here).

I am currently in Africa and there is great need here. I am witness to the sowing of seeds for an amazing move of God unlike anything we’ve ever seen on this continent. You can be a part of that move!

Here are two ways you can be an immediate blessing:

  • Funding Goal: $100,000 - Print and distribute 180,000 spiral bound copies of “200 Questions for the Quran and the Bible” (divine strategy, printed locally).
    Learn more here.

  • Funding Goal: $5,000 - Launch Emmanuel Anderson’s first album. We’ve already helped his best friend, David Omoti, record his first two singles.
    Learn more here.

If you haven’t already signed up as a $7 monthly supporter of the AL3XAND3R blog, this is the single most important thing you can do to impact this growing movement. Plus, you get inside access to updates and the ability to comment and interact as a community!

I’m Gr8ful.

Thank you for your generosity. Every little bit matters. Even if you can only donate $10 (the minimum amount accepted through this giving platform), you are an important part of the journey and are helping to make a difference.