JOY in the JOurneY

An Epic Adventure in Search of Truth

I spent a decade of my life seeking truth in all the wrong places.
Ultimately, Truth found me.

I wandered through more than 40 countries on six continents studying with monks, babas, yogis and other spiritual gurus.  ONE DISCOVERY made the whole journey worth it. ONE SECRET changed everything.

My JOURNEY in the wilderness led me through most modern faith systems.  In each country visited, I sought out spiritual leaders and cherry-picked what I wanted from their teachings, forming my own belief system. 

  • I turned from the Christian teachings of my youth and ventured into the world to discover Truth for myself. 

  • ​I whirled with dervishes in the land of Islam, exploring the mystical world of Sufis. 

  • ​From Hindu babas, I learned to chant mantras in Sanskrit, calling on and recognizing the presence of their gods. 

  • ​I sat in cross-legged silent meditation for weeks while in the Himalayas, attempting to reach enlightenment under the tutelage of Buddhist monks of various sects including Zen, Theravada and Mahayana. 

  • ​I explored witchcraft, alchemy, tantra and other New Age practices under the misguided guidance of sexual conquests. 

  • ​I practiced yoga with yogi gurus and learned the power of mudras as I observed how the body’s movement reflected stories of Hindu gods. 

  • ​In China, TaiChi replaced my morning routine as I began to harness chi and flow in the Taoist middle way. 

  • ​I obsessed over Egyptian mysticism, Greek gods, Celtic culture and Nordic lore. 

  • ​Crystals and stones began to take over my life and my finances, as I truly believed that bringing in their vibrations could heal me and help others. 

  • ​I was on a royal crusade to achieve Christ consciousness; I became my own god.  

And then, one day, the artificial reality I had crafted for myself crumbled.  Despite my worldly training in various healing modalities and spirituality, I no longer held the power to quiet my mind. 

I tried everything; nothing worked.  

Suicide suddenly seemed like a reasonable option.  All seemed lost until a series of divinely orchestrated events changed my life forever. 

The intricate weavings of our Creator were on full display as He demonstrated His power and authority.  When Truth arrives, darkness flees.  The transformative details of my discovery are contained within the pages of this soon-to-be-published book entitled JOY IN THE JOURNEY. For now, let me summarize by stating that the ONLY name that held ANY power to clear the darkness was the name above all names, the name of our Lord and Savior, the name Yeshua haMashiach, Jesus the Messiah. 

This is my story. 

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