Visionary 🦚 Storyteller 🦚 Strategist

I'm a fire-starter, problem-solver and truth-seeker with a unique background in marketing, manufacturing and cultural anthropology (40+ countries). When not inventing new technologies, I have a growing passion for eschatology, healing and deliverance.


For whatever reason, I see things before they happen. I have a knack for accurately predicting market shifts and leveraging this unique skillset to create products that capture growth trends. Being too early is often worse than being late. I know when to move and I know when to wait.


One of my favorite pastimes is listening to engaging story tellers. Different cultures tell different tales, yet the essence of a good story remains the same. In my travels, I realized that the same skillset needed to capture attention around a cozy campfire can easily be translated to a corporate boardroom. I help brands tell meaningful stories.


Seeing what is coming (visionary) and being able to communicate (storyteller) are only helpful when combined with a strategic mindset that can craft, articulate and implement a viable plan that is both effective and efficient. I love dissecting “problems” so others can clearly see new opportunities.

Connect the DOTs…

I’m a D.O.T. (Deliver Of Truth) who helps connect the DOTs for others.

Be part of a growing community of truth-seekers and savants who are no longer willing to settle for counterfeit. Are you ready to walk in the fullness of your destiny?

This is the time.

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