Prophetic Worship
Day 4 of 40 in The Gambia

Day 4 of 40 in The Gambia

Prophetic Worship: What does it mean to worship in Spirit and in Truth? Listen up!

Soar with us. Worship with us. Intercede with us.

For 40 days, we are on assignment in The Gambia, fasting and praying for a nation!

It just takes two or three! On day 4 in our first week of prayer, three worshipers gathered early in the morning at TGM to minister to our King. We worshiped for more than two hours before I finally decided to capture some audio. When this recording starts, we’re already soaring together in the Spirit.

If you listen to the words released, they are truly profound and are the basis of my calling in this tiny nation. The words released on this particular morning were the inspiration behind this prophetic word shared with the TGM assembly the following Sunday morning.

Join us! Pause your busy schedule and join us in prayer as we intercede for the smallest nation in Africa.

Prophetic flow begins around the 5:00 mark…

Pour into the Movement

Did you receive any additional insight when praying with us?
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Prophetic Worship
Listen up (literally)! When worshiping in Spirit and in Truth, words often bubble up in a prophetic overflow. This happens in various contexts from time to time, yet I see it happening more and more.
We are entering into the age of the emergence of Amos 9:11. Contained herein are songs, words and prophetic utterances that have emerged during times of intercession.
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