Prophetic Worship
Day 36 of 40 in The Gambia

Day 36 of 40 in The Gambia

Prophetic Worship: "If You said it, we believe it!"

On Monday during our morning gathering a nagging voice hung over me, so I called it out. Emmanuel Anderson then grabbed hold of the promise and we entered in…

Prophetic flow begins around 7:00

Sow Seeds into The Gambia

Lord, You said it, so we believe it.

Did you receive any additional insight when praying with us?
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Prophetic Worship
Listen up (literally)! When worshiping in Spirit and in Truth, words often bubble up in a prophetic overflow. This happens in various contexts from time to time, yet I see it happening more and more.
We are entering into the age of the emergence of Amos 9:11. Contained herein are songs, words and prophetic utterances that have emerged during times of intercession.
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