Prophetic Worship
321 - Can you not see?

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321 - Can you not see?

Can you not perceive a thing?

In March of 2023, I was walking the streets of Jerusalem with the King of Kings. Each morning in Israel, I was given daily directives. I would follow the instructions for the day and go on epic adventures alone, yet not alone.

On this particular Monday evening (March 20), I found myself on the top floor of a building overlooking Mahune Yehuda. The S…

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Prophetic Worship
Listen up (literally)! When worshiping in Spirit and in Truth, words often bubble up in a prophetic overflow. This happens in various contexts from time to time, yet I see it happening more and more. We are entering into the age of the emergence of Amos 9:11. Contained herein are songs, words and prophetic utterances that have emerged during times of intercession.
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Stephen Douglas Alexander