Join me on an epic journey around the world 
in search of truth, meaning and joy. 
I didn't always believe what I now know...
When I was at the absolute lowest point in my life, 
I stumbled into Luke 4:18 Ministries

I walked in completely broken 
and in a state of total unbelief.  

I walked out FREE 
and filled with JOY.
Christian Hats
After I was set free, it immediately became apparent that there were things in my life that I needed to let go.  I walked away from a decade's work, trading in a mini empire of branded companies backed by intellectual property for lessons learned and, ultimately, freedom.  

I quickly used my knowledge of branding, 
sourcing and high quality product design
to create a Christian Apparel Company 
focused on HATS and HOODiiS.
Christian Hats
For more than a decade, I was on a royal crusade to achieve Christ Consciousness.  Join me on a wild, adventurous journey through 40+ countries and basically every modern faith system. 

 In the end, despite all my searching, 
I couldn't find the answers I was seeking; 
instead, God found me.  
Mustard Growth
Mustard Growth
One of my favorite aspects of building businesses is branding.  My undergraduate degree from SMU was in Marketing from the Cox School of Business, but the real learning curve came the following decade while building out all the inter-workings for more than 20 global brands.  I now use that expertise to help Kingdom businesses succeed in the marketplace. 

Mustard Growth 
is a Social Media Marketing Agency 
based in Austin, TX.  
Alexander the Gr8ful
Alexander the Gr8ful
My journey in the wilderness led me through more than 40 countries and basically every modern faith system. In each country visited, I sought out spiritual leaders and cherry-picked what I wanted from their teachings, forming my own belief system.  I've whirled with dervishes in the land of Islam; I've changed sanskrit with Hindu babas; I've sat for weeks with Buddhist monks in silent, cross-legged meditation; I've explored witchcraft, alchemy and other New Age practices under the misguided guidance of sexual conquests; ​I've practiced yoga with yogi gurus and TaiChi with Taoist masters.  I've obsessed over Egyptian mysticism, Greek gods, Celtic culture and Nordic lore.  

I was on a royal crusade to achieve Christ Consciousness; 
I became my own god.  
Christian Hats - Make America Pray Again
Regardless of how you feel about our current president, we are called to lift up our leaders in prayer (1 Timothy 2:1-2).  Most certainly, it is time to bring back a nationwide prayer movement.  This premium quality, snapback hat is silk lined and has the LORD's Prayer on the underside of the brim.  The high quality embroidery work and attention to detail is second to none, just like our great nation. 
This is not your average MAGA hat.  
In fact, it's a #MAPA Hat. 
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